Re: [ldm-users] Fedora 7 Installs

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Dan Vietor wrote:

My recommendation is that Linux has now gotten to the point where
upgrades are just not feasible.  There are too many packages, too many
hardware configurations and too many options to do upgrades.  My horror
on going from Core 6 to 7 confirmed this.  I now believe reinstall is
the only realistic option.  I won't do an upgrade for other Fedora

Absolutely. I stopped doing this with Fedora 1. Just way too many gotchas.

When I install a Linux system, I do a manual partition with a 5GB "/var"
or larger for web servers, a 10GB "/" for the OS and the rest of the
disk in "/home".  This means you can reload without blowing everything
away.  I just reformat the "/" and "/var" partitions and then all your
data remains.

I prefer to blow it all away, backing things up from the start, on one partition. Unless you have multiple drives, if the drive go, so does everything else.

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