Re: [ldm-users] Fedora 7 Installs


I recently used the network install option for Fedora 6 and 7 for a workstation, which saved me the trouble of needing to download & burning CDs (since the system I was reloading didn't have a DVD drive). This actually saved me some time. But I share Dan's concerns about bloatware and upgradability.

I will be doing a major upgrade of one of our servers in January and possibly purchasing some new hardware. I was considering RHEL for these, but CentOS may now be on my list of OSs to consider, especially if it resembles RedHat/Fedora (which seems to be Unidata's preferred linux flavor). I'm assuming CentOS uses yum for software installations & updates?

My main concern is making sure that I be as compatible as possible with Unidata applications. LDM is pretty easy to build no matter what OS you are running, but I want to be able to easily build Gempak from source as well. I migrated from FreeBSD to Fedora 5 on one workstation recently and it has been a piece of cake to build Gempak from source once all the extras (motif, etc.) are installed.

I'd like to get some additional comments on Pete Pokrandt's question, best filesystems for large (RAID) disks, this may also be an issue with us in the next few months.


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