[ldm-users] Splitting NWS File By Zone

I did a quick search with the UNIDATA search tool..
but really didn't find an answer..

I'm looking for a simple decoder that will separate the SVR TOR SMW SVS FFW and a few others and save them by zone, I have a pretty simple php script
that I have LDM running via the EXEC line,

DDPLUS ^...... .... ......*/p(SMW).*
EXEC -wait etc/ldmsmw.php

the way I have it set up, it will save the file by area and zone ..
ie a warning for AMZ710 will be saved to

it worked once today, since then nada ... (:
I'm not seeing any errors in the LDM log

is there such a decoder that I'm not seeing in the
packages that will work along with LDM ??

Jeff Lake

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