Re: [ldm-users] 20070828: Feature request for LDM (cont.)


We have made use of splitting an otherwise VERY long pqact file into smaller ones, mostly grouped on feedtype. We have a pqact.conduit, a pqact.nexrad, a pqact.exp, etc.

As Tom said, "It is much better to run several pqacts as long as ..." We also find the benefit of reducing debugging time when something has gone wrong with a pqact action and we know which smaller pqact file was updated most recently! This way also seems easier, at least, to us.


David Knight wrote:
I have a more basic question. Is it more efficient to
run a single pqact with a large/long/complicated pqact.conf,
or, is it better to run several pqact each with a more
simple pqact.conf? Each pqact.conf might access the same
product and do something different with it, or each
pqact.conf might handle particular groups of products. (for example you could have a pqact.conf for each software package,
or, you could have a pqact.conf for every feedtype.)
If one were to split up and reorginise their pqact.conf
file would there be a computational advantage or disadvantage
to either method?

I'm just wondering is there a good reason for splitting
up a pqact.conf into several smaller files, or would
splitting it by inbeded comments serve just as well?


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