Re: [ldm-users] Feature request for LDM

On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, Steve Emmerson wrote:

Hi Gilbert,

Hi Steve,

Is it insufficient, inconvenient, or just hard to remember to execute the command

   pqact -vl - -q /dev/null pathname

Probably, yes, and absolutely. :-)

when you modify file "pathname"?

I could modify the file "ldmadmin-pl.conf" to create a variable that contained the pathnames of all the "pqact" configuration-files. The components of this variable could then be checked by the "ldmadmin pqactcheck" command. The problem is that there is no guarantee that the variable will contain all the files.

I think a better solution would be for the ldmadmin script to extract the pathnames of the "pqact" configuration-files from the LDM configuration-file. I'll think about it.

I'm thinking along these lines. Can you modify the ldmadmin program to do this:

$ldmadmin pqactcheck

/path/pqact.conf: no errors found
/path/pqact.mcidasA: no errors found
/path/pqact.mcidasb: no errors found
/path/pqact.gempak: no errors found
/path/pqact.level2: error found on line 142 (or whatever floats your boat)

When you do an ldmadmin pqactHUP, it automagically re-reads all of them. I thought it would be not very difficult to make it check to see if active pqact files (based on process ID checking) have a problem.
You should know the path from $ldmhome of all the active pqact files.
And you should know the active pqact files from ldmd.conf, as well as from doing a "ps -ax grep pqact" or something similar.

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