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On Thu, 26 Jul 2007, Gerry Creager wrote:

.EDU facilities needing an alternate LDM server can connect to

Thanks, Gerry! I think we'll be OK, but I appreciate the offer to back us up. We had 3"-8" of rain in town two Mondays ago (in 70 minutes), and incredible lightning. Cars and dumpsters floating in a parking lot! Well, that might be a bit off to say the cars were "floating". :-( We had 3 power dips as a transformer took a direct hit by lightning, but our feed held save for 15 seconds.

Good luck with the flooding.  We've had our share in Texas, too.

No kidding. We should get hit around 2 AM here with an approaching line of storms, temporarily decreasing in intensity. Low level jet kicks in at 40 knots, should be interesting...

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