Re: pqact.conf

Ketan - break the first configured product into two separate products - such as:

IDS|DDPLUS ^(..)(..)([0-9][0-9]) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]) ([0-9][0-9]).*/p(AAA|AAS|ADR|AVA|AVW|BBB|CAE|CCC|CDW|CEM|CFW|CWF|DDD| EEE|EQW|EVI|EWW|FFA|FFF)(...)
        FILE    -strip  data/raw/\8/\4.(\5:yyyy)(\5:mm)(\5:dd)\6\7.txt
IDS|DDPLUS ^(..)(..)([0-9][0-9]) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]) ([0-9][0-9]).*/p(FFS|FFW|FLS|FLW|FRW|FWF|GGG|GLF|HHH|HHS|HLS|HMW|LAE| LEW|LFP|LLL|LSH|LSR|MAW|MWS|NMN|NOW|NOW|NPW|NSH|NUW)(...)
        FILE    -strip  data/raw/\8/\4.(\5:yyyy)(\5:mm)(\5:dd)\6\7.txt


On Jul 9, 2007, at 12:49 PM, Rout, Minaketan wrote:


On pqact.conf file, I am selecting WMO text data based on PILs. However If I add one more PIL into 1st line, ldmadmin pqactcheck gives me error.

Is there any limitation on pattern matching size?

Below 2 line works file for me now. As I mentioned before, If I add one more PIL on 1st line, the config file gives error.

IDS|DDPLUS ^(..)(..)([0-9][0-9]) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2] [0-9])([0-9][0-9]).*/p(AAA|AAS|ADR|AVA|AVW|BBB|CAE|CCC|CDW|CEM|CFW| CWF|DDD|EEE|EQW|EVI|EWW|FFA|FFF|FFS|FFW|FLS|FLW|FRW|FWF|GGG|GLF|HHH| HHS|HLS|HMW|LAE|LEW|LFP|LLL|LSH|LSR|MAW|MWS|NMN|NOW|NOW|NPW|NSH|NUW) (...) FILE -strip data/raw/\8/\4.(\5:yyyy)(\5:mm)(\5:dd)\6\7.txt

IDS|DDPLUS ^(..)(..)([0-9][0-9]) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2] [0-9])([0-9][0-9]).*/p(OFF|RER|RFD|RHW|SAB|SCS|SFP|SLS|SMW|SPS|SPW| SRF|SVR|SVS|TCD|TCM|TCP|TCU|TOE|TOR|TSU|TTT|TWD|TOW|VOW|WCN|WSW|WWW| ZFP)(...) FILE -strip data/raw/\8/\4.(\5:yyyy)(\5:mm)(\5:dd)\6 \7.txt

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