LDM 6.6.5 now available

Dear LDM user,

Version 6.6.5 of the LDM is now available from its homepage at


or from


The RELEASE_NOTES file for this distribution is attached.

For an extensive history of changes to the LDM, see the file CHANGE_LOG
in the top-level source-directory.

Users of LDM versions 6.5.0 through 6.6.4, inclusive, are strongly
encouraged to upgrade to this new version because of the bug-fix
regarding the time that the "pqact" utility associates with a
data-product near the transition between months.

As always, we are happy to install the LDM system for you if you grant
us root access to your system.

Steve Emmerson
LDM Developer
Corrected the "pqact" utility's determination of the month associated
with a data-product from the creation-time of the data-product and the
day-of-the-month field in the product-identifier.  This modification is
tested extensively by executing the command "make check" in the pqact/

Removed extraneous carriage returns from file pqact/wmo_header.c.
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