Re: LDM RHEL Binary RPM, spec & ldmd init script

I want to thank Gerry, Glen & everyone for their rpms, tips and configs. A little more background may help, we will be deploying a dual-node HA cluster at 100+ sites running RHEL & I'm on the team making some recommendations. The hardware is identical & will always be RHEL/SL/CentOS compatible, so RPMs seem appropriate to deploy LDM in a very simple & standard fashion. Using tarballs, install & postinstall scripts may also work, but as a sysadmin I'm more comfortable patching packages with up2date/yum & having things installed where the expert package builders intend them to be. I also like to get an inventory & version info quickly from all software via a good package management tool like rpm (rpm -qa | sort -f > /var/log/rpmqa.log). Building the LDM rpms using the spec file, calling postinstall scripts & restarting services may be the best option for us to keep deployment & documentation as simple as possible. The ability to do things the Vendor's way & referencing their documentation on updating software or setting up services is also a plus to those who have been trained primarily on RHEL systems. -Thanks again, Art@JAX

Art Wildman wrote:
Hi folks,

1. Looking for an LDM RHEL-4+ RPM binary or rpm.spec files? If not, I may be interested in building one for i386 (advice welcome). 2. Does anyone have a ldmd init script for RHEL that can support some of the advanced RH Linux features listed below (chkconfig, service, PID files & locks). 3. Are there any other gotchas (like syslog) running LDM at Boot as a service?

Art Wildman - NWS JAX FL. -
"If the thunder don't get you, then the lightning will..." - Grateful Dead

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