Re: linux-HA cluster ?

Hi Art -

I'm looking into writing my own OCF resource agent script for an LDM server...

I wrote a script that monitors the LDM realservers for addition/removal from the cluster and a script or two for the HA part. I can send you some scripts if you'd like... let me know.

I'm guessing that your script(s) aren't quite what i'm looking for, but i could be wrong.

In the linux-HA version-2 way of things, OCF Resource Agents are those found in /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/{provider}/ ... similar to an init script that you might find in /etc/init.d/, but with the enhanced functionality (monitor, & meta-data functions in addition to start, stop, & status). Is that what you have? If so, then yes, i'd be very interested to have a look-see.



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