LDM 6.6.3 released

Dear LDM user,

Version 6.6.3 of the LDM is now available from




The release notes are attached.

Steve Emmerson
Corrected command that removes old ".*.info" files from the LDM
user's home-directory in the "ldmadmin" script.  The "-prune"
option wasn't preventing the "find" process from descending
into subdirectories.

Modified algorithm that determines when an upstream LDM should
flush the connection to its downstream LDM.  The modification
of the algorithm introduced in version 6.6.0 appears to not
flush the connection often enough --- resulting in bursts
of data which can cause problems (e.g., the ORPG apparently
has problems keeping up with bursts of NEXRAD Level II data).
The modified algorithm will flush the connection the first time
the end of the queue is hit and every 30 seconds thereafter if
no relevant data is added to the queue.

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