Re: Upgrading LDM to 6.6.2

Dear Gilbert and LDM users,

Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
1. It fixes the product date-stamp problem that apparently goes back beyond LDM 6.5.1 (but note, you MIGHT have to fix some things in your pqact file, as I did, when I upgraded...check the links to the posts I made yesterday for a full description of the reasoning and how to fix it).

I modified the heuristic that determines the canonical time of a data-product from the product's creation-time and the day-of-month field in the product-identifier. I did this because the heuristic was shown to misbehave in a particular situation. The modification did work, but it caused the heuristic to misbehave in other situations. My bad.

I think the (further modified) heuristic in version 6.6.2 should work correctly (of course, I thought that about the other modifications :-). Please let me know if LDM 6.6.2 does misfile a WMO data-product due to the day-of-month field. This is most likely to occur near the month transitions.

Steve Emmerson

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