RE: Upgrading LDM to 6.6.2

I don't want to get too far behind so I might switch over on one backup box 
after supporting our Spring Campaign in New Mexico.

I forgot about the no support for really old versions.  That's a good point.

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Hi Robert,

>> 4. Improved product throughput and less load on my machines. The latest
>> versions can handle really high volumes.
> I am 95% idle most of the time on 4-5 year old machines when I don't have 
> generation scripts going.  Of course you are ingesting many times more data 
> than I am.  I am sure this would be a help if we had enough bandwidth to 
> receive Level II radar data.

Also, I forgot the most important one we've been talking about:

5. Bad date stamps on products. This can be intermittent or full-time. 
Check your directories. If you see ones with bad dates on need 
to upgrade.

>> I run this in a production environment where very high levels of stability
>> is demanded. Although yes, I do install the bleeding edge stuff, I figure
>> it is more than worth my time to find bugs and swat them before they hit
>> production as much as possible.
> I think everyone appreciates your testing efforts!

Thanks. :-)

>> In short...Gilbert tested...mother approved. :-D
> LOL! Thanks for the list, I appreciate it very much.  I don't think there is 
> a good enough reason for my situation to upgrade and risk trouble, so I'll 
> pass right now.

If you aren't bitten by these 6+ bugs, I'd leave it up to Steve to give 
the final nod. But remember,

6. Older LDM versions that cause problems aren't supported by UNIDATA.

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