Re: so here's a wierd one

Hi Steve,

On Tue, 3 Apr 2007, Steve Chiswell wrote:

What others have already mentioned in response is that you definitely want to ensure that your feed requests to different upstream hosts are either identical (to take advantage of autoshifting), or completely disjoint.

The issue that I have with the newer LDM 6.6 is that I have 5 machines producing products in the EXP feedtype. I have two data collector machines that request EXP .* from these 5 machines. This seems to horribly confuse LDM. My only recourse is to make sure the data collectors are using slightly different feed requests so that it continues to get products from all 5 upstream hosts.

I'm probably not using LDM as it was designed for :) My local topology looks more like spaghetti than a tree.


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