Re: so here's a wierd one

> I don't have any statistics to look at from your site, and you didn't say
>  if you were observing any "latency" when the data was flowing in chunks.

I've been meaning to turn on stats but never got around to it. Now's a
good time :)

> Your subset request is a much smaller amount of data than the WMO .*
> pattern, so it is likly that you would observe more continuous data flow
> with a full pattern. Note that the WMO pattern includes both IDS|DDPLUS
> as well as HDS, and there is certainly a lot of of HDS data (eg models)
> that your pattern below doesn't capture.
> What others have already mentioned in response is that you definitely
> want to ensure that your feed requests to different upstream hosts are
> either identical (to take advantage of autoshifting), or completely
> disjoint.

Both patterns are identical. Daryl's comment made it sound that
autoshifting may not be working as expected.

I haven't had a chance to review the feed today to see if the delay's are
still there.


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