Re: so here's a wierd one

Chiz can correct me if I'm really mistaken, but the later versions of LDM ignore PRIMARY||ALTERNATE if you have two *identical* requests and try to get the lowest latency one. That they bounce back and forth doesn't imply you get the whole backlogged queue, however, as in 6.6.x a file's written that says where it's got current data to, and upstreams are advised of this, and should send data from that point on, rather than the entire contents of the ldm.pq...


Daryl Herzmann wrote:
Hi Tyler,

Do your log files show your LDM switching feeds when data starts flowing again?

I can't seem to fully resolve it, but the newer LDM seems to get confused when you have multiple hosts feeding you the same data types without specifying PRIMARY ALTERNATE. I dunno, I'm running into all sorts of strange LDM things lately :(


On Mon, 2 Apr 2007, Tyler Allison wrote:

[for ldm-6.6.0 and ldm-6.6.2]

If I use the following feed pattern [upstream = idd@wisc and bigbird@tamu]:

request WMO

the data seems to flow down to me in "chunks". What I mean by this is that is when I run 'ldmadmin watch' I see no data for between 4 and 10 minutes. Then all of a sudden the last 4-10 minutes worth of data comes down within
a 3 second period. It then holds again...and 4-10 minutes later another
payload of data comes down...etc...etc.

If the *ONLY* thing I change is the feed pattern to:

request WMO ".*"

The data feed runs normal.

I'm confused! I, and the upstream, have bandwidth to burn so I'm leaving
the feed as ".*" pattern was attempting to conserve bandwidth for the
upstream providers but it seems I did more harm than good.

I havent totally verified this issue but it seems to be the culprit. Can
anybody confirm?


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