Re: Filter for MTR?


Are you working through pqact or pqsurf?  I think creating a surfqueue and
using pqsurf to process the METAR report for Lansing would do what you¹re
going after.  Admittedly, that seems like a lot of waste just to pull out
one METAR ­ perhaps the experts have a more elegant solution?


On 4/2/07 11:02 PM, "Rob Dale" <rdale@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Back in the "old days" (well, about a month or so ago ;> ) I could filter
> for my local METAR report with MTRLAN and send that to the printer. Now that
> they are part of the SAUS80 collective - that doesn't work. Is there any
> other easy way to filter out METAR and SPECI reports?
>  - Rob

Ben Cotton, KC9FYX
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  Atmospheric Sciences
Purdue University

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