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On Mon, 2 Apr 2007, Daryl Herzmann wrote:

Hi Tyler,

Do your log files show your LDM switching feeds when data starts flowing again?

I can't seem to fully resolve it, but the newer LDM seems to get confused when you have multiple hosts feeding you the same data types without specifying PRIMARY ALTERNATE. I dunno, I'm running into all sorts of strange LDM things lately :(


No such problem here for one of my feeds, which, for right now, is running just a primary site because I am testing a feed. BTW, if you upgraded to LDM 6.6.2, are you having problems with things not writing to disk correctly? Or not at all? Check this out:

And then this:

Many of the radar products I make on my website run from a script that calls that LDM entry above. As it turns out, in LDM 6, it means that the code that determines the canonical time of a product was not written correctly. It also means that your pqact entries using them may be wrong. I'm guessing that's your problem, as stuff has mysteriously stopped coming in or being saved. That's what happened to me when I upgraded to 6.6.2. But 6.6.2 IS correct on how to do it, which means I am now seeing things work the way they should.

BTW, if you are doing a PRIMARY and ALTERNATE to a specific data feed, the lines, except for the site you are feeding from, have to match EXACTLY.
Otherwise, it will feed both feeds from both sites.

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