LDM 6.6.1 released

Dear LDM user,

Version 6.6.1 of the LDM is now available at




Basically, this just fixes one bug and one oddity in version 6.6.0. The RELEASE_NOTES are (in their entirety)

* Demoted the "Exiting" message from "rpc.ldmd" from log-level NOTE to
log-level INFO unless it's in response to a TERM signal (such as by
"ldmadmin stop").

* Corrected the logic behind an upstream LDM sending something (at least
a NULLPROC) every 30 seconds.

The last one was a bug, but one that probably won't have much of an effect. The first one eliminates the "Exiting" messages from "rpc.ldmd" child-processes that appear "out of the blue" with no matching "Starting Up" message (the processes result from IS_ALIVE inquires from downstream LDM-s).

This should be it for the LDM for a while.

Steve Emmerson
LDM Developer

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