Re: LDM version 6.6.0 released

Hi Steve,
Will the startup performance be improved regardless of whether the down stream sites upgrade to to 6.6? For example, if I have an LDM 6.6 machine feeding several LDM 6.4 machines, will I still derive the benefit you mention? And or, vice versa, if I have LDM 6.6 machines feeding from LDM 6.4 will that show the improvement? Just curious.

Thanks and Regards,

At 02:20 PM 3/8/2007, Steve Emmerson wrote:
Dear LDM user,

Version 6.6.0 of the LDM is now available from


(Note the change in compression-format).

The new feature in this release is the improved startup performance of
downstream LDM-s through the use of "last product received" files in the
LDM user's home-directory.  This feature will greatly improve the
startup performance of LDM systems with many REQUEST entries (such as in
the TIGGE and SCOOP projects).

The complete release notes for this version are attached.

Unless there's a crisis or I have a brainstorm, there will probably not
be much further LDM development for a while because of other demands on
my time.  So if you were waiting for things to settle down before
installing the latest LDM, then now might be a good time.  I'll
understand, however, if you wait a while to see if version 6.6.1 is
released.  :-)

Questions or comments should be sent to <support-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

Steve Emmerson
LDM Developer

P.S.  Information on the TIGGE and SCOOP projects can be found at
<> and <>, respectively.

Added a persistent-state file for a downstream LDM.  This file
saves the metadata of the last, successfully-received data-product
so that the next downstream LDM process that requests the same
data from the same source can start where the previous process
stopped.  The files reside in the LDM user's home-directory
and have the pattern ".*.info".  This increases the startup
performance of a downstream LDM and will greatly benefit LDM's
with many REQUEST entries.

Changed format of distribution file from ".tar.Z" to ".tar.gz"
because the "compress" utility is not available on my development
workstation (due to IP restrictions) and the (now necessary)
"gunzip" utility appears to be ubiquitous.

Corrected the "pqact" utility's determination of the month
associated with a data-product from the creation-time of
the data-product and the day-of-the-month field in the

Mike Voss
Department of Meteorology
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0104

408.924.5204 voice
408.924.5191 fax

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