LDM 6.5.1 released

Dear LDM user,

LDM version 6.5.1 is now available from the LDM homepage at


or from


This release fixes a couple of bugs and performance issues with the previous release (version 6.5.0). Specifically, the CHANGE_LOG entry for this release is (in it's entirety)

    Improved LDM performance:
        Of downstream process during startup by changing
        product-queue access-mode from writing to readonly
        when searching backwards for matching product to
        avoid file write-locking contention.

        Of upstream process during termination by
            Adding potential termination point to each data-product
            during initial backward search of the product-queue.

            Closing downstream connection upon receipt of SIGTERM.

        Of downstream process during termination by closing
        downstream connection upon receipt of SIGTERM.

    Modified the "pqact" utility:
        Corrected behavior of the "-overwrite" option of the FILE
        and STDIOFILE actions.

        Ensured proper behavior of the "-log" option of the FILE
        and STDIOFILE actions regardless of operating-system.

Basically, the "-overwrite" and "-log" options now work correctly and the entire LDM system should now start and stop more quickly.

My thanks to Gilbert Sebenste, Daryl Herzmann, and Rob Dale.

Those of you who refrained from installing version 6.5.0 because it was a "dot-zero" release may now pat yourselves on the back. ;-)

Steve Emmerson
LDM Developer

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