Re: LDM 6.5.0 problems


Thanks for reporting this.

I think there might be a bug in pqact(1)'s FILE and STDIOFILE actions regarding the "-overwrite" option. I'm investigating and should know something soon.

Steve Emmerson

Rob Dale wrote:
Here are my two pqact.conf entries, with the goal of saving all products
from my local office in one directory, and the AFD's from a few offices in
my nalarm alert directory. These worked fine up until installing 6.5

What I'm noticing is that I am getting very large files in the
/gempak/alarms directory from the first entry (i.e. they are not overwriting
but appending) and not getting any products at all in the second directory.

 - Rob


WMO     ^(......) (KGRR|KDTX)
        FILE    -overwrite data/gempak/alarms/\6

WMO     ^(......) (....)
        FILE    -overwrite data/gempak/alarms/nawips/\6\7

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