Re: LDM 6.5

Works very well here at NIU. Those "mysterious crashes" are gone, as they were in the beta versions. This is really sweet...nicely done Steve! (who is probably in shock that I responded. ;-) ).

The only thing I saw which I'll give a warning for is that the first time you start the software, it will give you warn-level message about ".state" files missing. When you see what these are for, you realize that these messages can safely be ignored when you start LDM 6.5 for the first time.
And I am glad that the clean-stop LDM is now a reality!

Weather(x) is now on LDM 6.5, and all is well. I give it a thumbs up!

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(My opinions only!)                                                  ******
Staff Meteorologist, Northern Illinois University                      ****
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