New idd relay at UW-Madison AOS (

Attention all idd users ingesting data from,,, or

We just implemented a new data ingest/relay server which should
be significantly faster and result in lower lag than the previous 

The new machine is ( and should
be set up to allow relaying to everyone that had previously been
receiving data from f5, whirlwind, profhorn or mapmaker.

Please change your request lines for any of these to point instead
to and give it a try. Let me know if I've overlooked
something and it doesn't work.

At some point in the future, access to some of the old machines 
will be reduced or eliminated, but not until everyone is comfortably
feeding from

Again, please get in touch with me if something doesn't work, or
if you have any questions.



^ Pete Pokrandt                    V 1447  AOSS Bldg  1225 W Dayton St^
^ Systems Programmer               V Madison,         WI     53706    ^
^                                  V      poker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       ^
^ Dept of Atmos & Oceanic Sciences V (608) 262-3086 (Phone/voicemail) ^
^ University of Wisconsin-Madison  V       262-0166 (Fax)             ^

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