Re: Second question on LDM re: time correctness

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007, I wrote:

I am also seeing this from my Level 2 (NEXRAD2) feed:

Jan 20 05:26:45 weather3[6135] WARN: Product from "" was created too far in the future: 12c539f8fae232ec8713bb7dbd22a9e7 17330 20070120052835.334 NEXRAD2 193040 L2-BZIP2/KSHV/20070120052324/193/40

Jan 20 05:26:45 weather3[6135] WARN: This will degrade performance when downstream LDM-s reconnect. Ensure that local and origination clocks are accurate.

By the way, my normal LDM logs are around 1 MB in size per day. With the two inaccurate LEVEL2 data feed clock sites, that has swelled to 10 mb/day. If a minor calamity were to occur where NTP servers freaked out, this could cause problems for those with smaller disks/storage areas. I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend this go forward, but really, once per minute---heck, even once per 5, 10 or maybe 15 minutes notification is enough, as most log files aren't big anyway.


Thinking out of the box, can this be made into a separate log file, or have options to emailed to the administrator, put on the console screen?

Also, when do we get notified? If you're 3 seconds off, does anyone care?
If an NTP ping happens once a day, and the clock is fast/slow (as my desktop is, loses 30 seconds per day for whatever reason), 5 seconds off could produce a ton of messages that will quickly become the "cry wolf" syndrome.

Again, let me stress, I am all for it, let's do this! But, I don't want a machine slowing down or crashing if a serious problem occurs upstream from me due to excessive log writing. What does everyone else think?

My $.76, adjusted for high gas prices.

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