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I see a problem tonight for some folks on the latest and greatest LDM beta. The new beta version demands that you and the upstream data site from you has an accurate clock. Otherwise, if you look at your log files, you see something like this:

Jan 19 06:02:12 weather 131.156.X.XXX[7869] WARN: Product from "mapmaker_v_131.156.8.XX" was created too far in the future: fc779d96a88d76bb68f8017aa6304a49 525926 20070119073112.751 DIFAX 000

Jan 19 06:02:12 weather 131.156.X.XXX[7869] WARN: This will degrade performance when downstream LDM-s reconnect. Ensure that local and origination clocks are accurate.

In the case of this machine, it makes it easy to see that this machine is about 90 minutes ahead of its time. :-) I'll have to ask Pete to see if he can fix this up at U-W Madison, but just be aware, if you don't have NTP installed, prepare for a lot of warn messages in your logs! When this gets released to production, if this feature is maintained, be aware that your clock needs to be accurate, or else!

Frankly, I like it because it lets me see exactly where the problem is. My clocks should always be spot on, since they are synced with NTP servers elsewhere. If they're not, I see error messages and I can quickly diagnose the problem, since I might also have data loss. Nice touch, UNIDATA!
(and yes, it works fine for me so far. I have it on
running with no problems.)

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