Re: national radar mosaic missing?

David Knight wrote:
> Hi all,
>      We haven't recieved a national radar mosaic since
> 11/9/02 16z. In fact there appears to me no NMC3 data flowing.
> BTW. Where do these products originate? Could this be related
> to the SSEC power outage - the timing seems about right.
> Is this a national problem, or, a local problem we didn't notice?
> Thanks
> David
> David Knight
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We've been steadily getting the data (feeding from
except for our own power related problems on 9 Nov from 14-22Z. After we
got our systems back up, the national composites immediately started
flowing again. The other McIDAS data (feeding from UIUC) finally came
back up around 11/00Z.

BTW, I've been keeping close tabs on various data that we receive
through our NOAAPORT system and that is also received via IDD. The IDD
feed is far from reliable. As an example, several hourly MDR radar
summary product files (received via IDD) are woefully populated with
data or missing altogether during each 24-hour period. These are small
products, so you would expect better reliability. Surface hourly
observations also show degradations from time to time each day. Our
NOAAPORT system proves much greater reliability. However, our building
is being expanded and fully renovated and we are still trying to keep
our NOAAPORT system running in that building despite the
construction--something that does not always work out too well.

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