20021110: SSEC power outate affecting Unidata-Wisconsin datastream generation.

LDM Users:

A power outage at SSEC has prevented generation of Unidata-Wisconsin imagery
since about 15 UTC on Saturday, November 9.

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>From: UW SSEC Data Center <datacenter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization: Space Science Data Center
>Keywords: 200211100446.gAA4kFX01236 IDD Unidata-Wisconsin

Due to a power outage at SSEC, there were no data received or products
generated from about 1500 UTC on 11/09 (jday 313) until between 0100 UTC
and 0300 UTC on 11/10 (jday 314), depending on the machine.

At present we are still not receiving MET-7 data. That problem is being
looked into & will be rectified as soon as possible.

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