SST grib changes


For quite awhile, I was plotting a Sea Surface Temperature grib file
that contained only data over the oceans and not over land. It was set
up in global 2 x 2 fashion with grib numbers 61, 62, 63, and 64. It was
being captured on our NOAAPORT system with a PILS header of /M44.

However, several weeks ago, it appears that UK Met model data had taken
over that PILS header and now the only SST data that I am seeing is the
global 4 x 4 with grib numbers 37-44 that can be captured with the
header, "HT.A88_KWBC".

I'd like to find the 2 x 2 gib files again. Does anyone know if they
still exist and if so, what is the approrpriate header and/or PILS


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