Re: Internet problems at UAlbany


A dedicated line is just what we are now planning here with a new
Internet II connection. At first, we were thinking of just a general
connection to the school. However, with recent events of the past week
or two, it looks like we will opt to go the dedicated route. The cost
for a 2MB/s connection is ~$1,000 per month and we don't want to pay
that for students to download and distribute MP3s and videos that use
all the bandwidth.

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Robert Mullenax wrote:
> It sounds like a bad situation.  I wonder if departments will
> just have to start budgeting and maintaining their own
> networks.  A single sole purpose T1 might me better than continually
> clogged T3's...
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> Robert,
> > If 60% of all the traffic is still MP3 related then what is the point?
> > Sounds like to me (as an outsider) that most of these implementations
> > have mainly hurt the folks that have a legitimate use for the bandwidth
> > (like the IDD)
> >
> kFirst, a couple of things. It isn't just mp3''s also videos. We
> have been slapped with as many as 7 RIAA warnings at NIU in one day,
> threatening to sue us if the servers aren't shut down. At our heating
> plant, at least one was hacked into and used as a KazAA server.
> Second is freedom of speech. Yeah, I know. But unfortunately, faculty and
> staff pay ZERO for the service. The students and nobody but students pay.
> If they demand this or that, they get it. The only thing our techs can do
> is limit outgoing files from peer-to-peer servers. At one point, for about
> two weeks before NIU was able to shut it down, 90% of our traffic was
> hosting almost 30 full-length movie servers. Somehow, IDD data was making
> it through, but at times, it was a little behind.
> The RIAA folks cited (how they did this, I don't know) NIU for multiple
> distribution points for the "Scooby Doo" movie back in September. Someone,
> somehow managed to get a great dub off of it and put it in a file.
> Which is one reason why U's want to go to a "pay per byte" system.
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