20021024: Figured it out...but I don't know why...


The PIL that is on the line of the product following the
WMO identifier is supposed to be padded to 6 characters
to be recognized as a valid PIL, so that other strings like
"METAR" are not accidentally considered to be a PIL.

The products ASUS43 KCHI which have the PIL identifier
SWRIL are supposed to use "SWRIL " (trailing space padded to
6 characters), however, you are seeing products where they
have omitted the trailing space, and so the LDM identifier
used in the IDD does not contain a /p... tag added by the
pqing ingestor. This means that the way the product is created
at KCHI has changed. This is independent of the ouput
I provided you yesterday from my ingestor which does not use pqing.

I can relax the padding requirement of the PIL string in pqing
to catch the malformed products (at the expense of some spurrious
4 and 5 character PILs).

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

> Well, I found our hourly weather roundup problem. Take away the ".*/pSWR"
> at the end...and it works again. Weird. Maybe I should use".*/pSWRIL"?
> Will try. It's only happening for midwest SWR's.
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