Internet problems at UAlbany

To all sites that feed from

Our University's internet connection has been extremely unreliable
for the past couple of days.  All sites who feed text/gridded
data from us had best fail over to alternate sites.  We expect that
our NLDN feed may be slow in feeding out as well.

We are awaiting resolution of the problem by our networking folks
but have no idea when this will be.

As a sideline, we believe this problem is due to a misconfigured
or otherwise misbehaving Packeteer traffic shaper that is used
by the University.  Has anyone else experienced any similar
problems when this device has been enabled?  (It had been working
fine for several months, but the last few weeks it has been a
disaster--despite supposedly being configured to prioritize our
LDM port 388 traffic)

Sorry for the inconvenience . . .


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