Re: Cornell may have to leave the IDD

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I just now received your message and am responding immediately to say that 
this would be a grave lost to the Unidata community of more than 100 
universities as well as the government agencies and other orgranizations 
who participate actively in the national IDD system.  Cornell has been a 
leader in this effort and the geosciences community as a whole would suffer 
a great loss if you were not able to participate.

As I noted this is a quick response, but, with more time to consider it, 
I'll be happy and very anxious to help in whatever way you deem suitable to 
make the case that losing Cornell as a partner in this national team would 
be a major setback.

Please let me know what I can do.

Ben Domenico
Acting Director
Unidata Program Center

--On Thursday, October 10, 2002 4:54 PM -0400 Bill Noon 
<noon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Folks -- Cornell has been part of the IDD since it started ('94....'95?)
> and has been receiving and passing on terabytes of data all these years.
> However, by mid next year, we will probably have to drop out of the IDD
> system.
> Cornell University is moving towards a pay-by-byte network cost recovery
> scheme.  Given the data volumes involved in the IDD, we would be charged
> many thousands of dollars per month.  There is no provision for providing
> service to the public or other universities.
> The co-chair of the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department will be
> meeting with the deans next week and would like to point out the harm
> that this policy will be causing the department and other groups.
> If you feel that loss of the Cornell contribution to the IDD would be
> detrimental to your program, could you send a letter (on your
> departmental letterhead) to:
> Susan Rhea, Co-Chair
> Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
> 1110 Bradfield Hall
> Cornell University
> Ithaca, NY 14853
> The meeting day has not been set yet but will be next week.  Please send
> the letter as soon as possible.  If you are going to send a letter, could
> you send me an email so I know to expect it.
> Thanks!
> Bill Noon
> Northeast Regional Climate Center
> Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
> Cornell University

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