Re: Wave models


With the implementation of Wavewatch, NCEP made a purposeful decision not
to output swell information anymore. I can find the email which contains
the details if you wish, because I asked the NCEP wave modelers about this
over a year ago. Basically, it boiled down to the fact that swell
information was not computed accurately in the models, and that swell
information did not portray the ocean state very well anyway.

If someone has code which computes swell in ocean wave output, I would be
very grateful. We would like to include it in our implementation of

Pat Fitzpatrick
Associate Research Professor of meteorology
Mississippi State University

On Fri, 20 Sep 2002, Robert Mullenax wrote:

> Does anyone know of any NCEP model that produces swell height as an output?
> I have looked at all the ones I know of on NOAAPORT and on the NCEP ftp
> site and all I see is significant wave height, but only swell direction
> and period no swell height.
> Thanks,
> Robert Mullenax
> Robert Mullenax
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