Quick zone forecast extraction question...

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has, and would be willing to donate, a 
Unix/Linux script which takes a zone forecast and just takes the 
particular zone you want and "erases" the rest? I want to put those on my 
website/local email list for the weekends, when not many are around on 
campus. And for my campus web site. It would take all the zones and cut 
out the unneeded ones.

I think I could reinvent the wheel, but if anyone has done it, I'd also be 
willing to give you my warning scripts which I use to trip my web site to 
various warnings screens (Example: see...
http://weather.admin.niu.edu/tornwarn.html ) for a template. Heck, I'd be 
willing to give those out to anyone, anyway. Anything to save lives! Just 
send me an email.

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