On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Patrick O'Reilly wrote:

> I haven't seen NEXRAD data from my requested sites since around
> 0830Z.  Did a notifyme -v -l - -h -f NNEXRAD -o 3600 
> and nothing came up.  Seems our upstream site (stokes) isn't
> getting it.  Anyone else missing the NNEXRAD feed?

Looks like our server that feeds stokes had some sort of ldm hiccup.
We stopped ldm, remade the queue, and data appears to be flowing once
again.  Funny thing is, our realtime server (for our web users) gets
the same feed, and its ldm was fine.  Go figure.  Our apologies.

Jared Bostic
OCS/Mesonet Operations

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