is back up, I think!

 Thanks Gilbert...I know you catch some grief
for being on the leading edge all the time, but I think you do
us all a great service by being that way..sort of
like our lead beta tester.

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> From: Gilbert Sebenste
Sent: 8/7/02 5:37 PM

Hello all,, and my other machines, are running successfully
LDM 5.2 with a patch. We were getting memfault errors with the pqsurf 
program that brought down the entire LDM. I've now gone a full 24 hours
it with no problems, by far and away the longest period without it 
crashing. The patch is a success! I'll monitor tonight and each night 
through Friday, as well as this weekend, but it looks like this problem 
has been nipped in the bud. BTW, this only appears to be a RedHat thing,

as it doesn't do this on Solaris. Glibc is a little pickier on Linux, I 

And of course, thanks to UNIDATA for the quick work on tracking this bug

down and swatting it!

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