Re: rpc timed out errors

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Mike Leuthold wrote:

> Hello,
>       Arizona has recently experienced problems getting data from
> upstream sites and sending data to downstream sites.  Ldmping to some
> sites never responds, but others it will after a few timeouts.  
> [ldm@nimbus ~/etc]$ ldmping -t2
> Aug 06 16:05:01      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           rpc_stat
> Aug 06 16:05:03   H_CLNTED   2.016290  388  select: RPC: 
> Timed out
> Aug 06 16:05:30  ADDRESSED   2.000402    0  RPC: Timed out
> Aug 06 16:05:58      NAMED   2.020380    0  can't contact 
> portmapper: RPC: Timed out
> My thinking was that it was related to Arizona's Telecom people fooling
> with a firewall since my problems started around the same time.  Telecom
> says that they are no longer running it.  What goes against the firewall
> this theory is that telnet can connect via port 388, some sites do
> eventually respond to ldmping, and I do get some data from these sites,
> for awhile.
> Any ideas?
The problem has been solved.  Arizona's Telecom people installed software
to throttle file sharing software recently.  This software was causing the
LDM to transfer data at reduced speed or fail completely.  It is not known
if the software was misconfigured, or this is a 'design feature'.  The
software is called Packeteer/Packetshaper. 

Mike Leuthold
Atmospheric Sciences/Institute of Atmospheric Physics
University of Arizona