20020726: Problems at University of Nebraska, Lincoln?

>From:  Bryan Rockwood <rockwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization:  Creighton
>Keywords:  200207261515.g6QFFR917741 LDM Nebraska


>Over the last five days, we here at Creighton U have not been able to ping
>let alone connect via LDM to UNL.  Anyone else feed from them having problems?

Yes, I have not been able to contact papagayo.unl.edu either.

>I have tried using the contact info from Unidata's website, but the mail

Try using:

"Clint Rowe" <crowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Any information would be appreciated, since we are currently
>failed over to NIU, and they seem to be having their own problems at the
>Thanks for any info.
>Bryan Rockwood:  rockwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>System Administrator, Creighton University, Atmospheric Sciences
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