Re: Redhat 7.3 bugfix

On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, David Wojtowicz wrote:

> >Also, a word to Redhat 7.3 users: in case you haven't seen it, updated
> >psmisc packages are available 
> >(
> >There is a bug whereby if you run ldmadmin stop, it sometimes won't
> >killall (or even any) of the processes. This patch fixes that problem.
> >Otherwise, and even with that, the LDM has never been more stable on my
> >system. RH 7.3 really rocks, by far and away the best release yet, IMO.
> NB... do not make the filesystem containing your product queue or
> destination of pqact entries an ext3 filesystem.   You will pay
> severely in performance.

Hmmm... that's interesting.  How much of a penalty are we talking about?
I could (should) put my product queue on an ext2 in that case, but my data
needs to be on an ext3 by necessity as I can't wait hours for my multi-GB
arrays to fsck if the system should crash or the power fails.


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