Re: NMC3 Feed

BTW, anyone can check out the ldm logs for the ldm running on by pointing their browser at the following:

There is also a link to OU SoM ldm/etc as well for anyone wanting a
look at our config files. Not that they are any great things to look
at :-)

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Jared P Bostic wrote:

> > Remember that we are getting our nids feed from our local NOAA-port
> > which is operated by the Oklahoma Climate Survey. They may have had
> > troubles, but from what I can tell, data was coming in.
> I checked our server that saves the feed after it splits off to go
> to stokes (Mark L.).  From a cursory glance at the file ctimes, it
> looks like we were getting NIDS files during the 0250 - 1500 Z time
> frame.  Mark's guess at network problems may be right.
> Jared Bostic
> OCS/Mesonet Operations

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