Re: missing data/informational outage

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, David Fitzgerald wrote:

> I am not receiving any UNIDATA type products from my
> upstream site, Rutgers, nor can I get a working notifyme
> from thelma.
> Did I miss a notice stating there would be a data outtage
> or could there be something else happening?

At 16:30Z I did a notifyme to thelma, and got a response back indicating 
it was up. But as for data, I'm not allowed to grab IDS|DDPLUS\HDS, so I 
couldn't tell you.

Also...yesterday at 21Z and 1Z, we (NIU) were down for about 40 minutes 
each time when an edge router failed. It's been fixed now. Our primary 
upstream site, College of DuPage, will be down to replace faulty 
electrical equipment tonight, so I have switched over to UIUC. Also, they 
will be having Internet work done throughout the next two weekends, so I am 
staying with UIUC until July. Thus, stick with my feed and we should be 
good to go!

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