Re: Now Level II NEXRAD data files are bogus??

>I'm receiving corrupted NEXRAD Level II files.
>I have my own indexing software which works on NEXRAD data files, whether they
>are LDM, tape, or live/RIDDS.  Up until today, it has always worked fine.
>Today, it core dumps on some 88D files.
>Due to a design flaw in BZIP2 format, there is no way of knowing the length
>of data when it is uncompressed without uncompressing it.  As a result, the
>format for LDM has segments that have an encoded length in it followed by
>data.  This pattern repeats until the end of the file.  This normally up to a
>5 digit number.  Today, I'm seeing 10 digit lengths at the corruption point.
>Something is making a mess of the data.

As the saying goes "never mind".  It looks like we had a data "glitch" on
one system.  Another seems to be clean.

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        Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
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