Re: NIDS data (fwd)

I would suggest that folks keep their old versions of rad and
ucnids around. It would be just like the NWS to say "oops" and
switch back to the old compression from the HP servers.

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>From owner-ldm-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thu Jun 13 15:20:26 2002
>Thanks to Dan V for this info.  The ucnids.c program I'm using
>to uncompress the data suffers from this same problem.
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>> For those of you who don't know.  NWS subtly changed the NIDS zlib 
>> compression today.  WXP used a 789C sequence to determine whether the 
>> data are compressed or not.  As of this morning, this changed to 78DA. 
>> So WXP now doesn't realize the NIDS data is compressed and thus is not 
>> decoding the data properly.  I'm working on a fix which should be out 
>> shortly.
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