NOAAPORT problems?

 Many of my radar products are an hour old!   This is very bad
for us.  

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> From: Declan Cannon
Sent: 6/12/02 5:22 PM

Hi robert,
I made an inquiry to Bill Johnson at NWS regarding the increasing
latency.(email and phone).We noticed the radar data showing latency of 2
minutes at 1946Z.....increasing to 15 minutes at 2033Z! Also, it appears
many other products are old. Hopefully, we will hear soon.
Declan cannon

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Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 4:35 PM

> All of the data coming into our NOAAPORT receiver is very old, the
> problem
> is that radars are over an hour behind.  Is anyone else seeing this?
> I checked a system at NSBF (my other job) which is on the IDD and it
> behind
> as well so it isn'r our SDI box.
> Thanks,
> Robert Mullenax
> Robert Mullenax
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