KWNO Duplicate Products


I have my LDM email me RERs and other interesting text products.  Anyway, 
it seems that lately I have been getting many duplicate emails.  The text 
of the products will be the same but the WMO header will be slightly 
different.  Take, for instance, a SPECIAL NCEP DISCUSSION  ADMNFD

# /home/ldm/bin/pqcat -v -l - -f WMO -p "/pADMNFD" > /dev/null
Jun 10 18:32:04 pqcat: Starting Up (28999)
Jun 10 18:32:08 pqcat:      490 20020610115717.111 IDS|DDPLUS 206  NOUS42 KWNO 
101156 /pADMNFD
Jun 10 18:32:10 pqcat:     1467 20020610134111.930 IDS|DDPLUS 419  NOUS42 KWNO 
101340 /pADMNFD
Jun 10 18:32:11 pqcat:     1467 20020610141246.336 IDS|DDPLUS 695  NOUS42 KWNO 
101412 /pADMNFD
Jun 10 18:32:12 pqcat:     1437 20020610150705.731 IDS|DDPLUS 771  NOUS42 KWNO 
101506 /pADMNFD
Jun 10 18:32:15 pqcat:     1071 20020610173221.633 IDS|DDPLUS 659  NOUS42 KWNO 
101732 /pADMNFD
Jun 10 18:32:15 pqcat:     1071 20020610174052.419 IDS|DDPLUS 019  NOUS42 KWNO 
101740 /pADMNFD
Jun 10 18:32:17 pqcat: Exiting
Jun 10 18:32:17 pqcat: Number of products 6

If you look at the product sizes, there are two pairs that are identical.  
And there are two products that don't appear to be duplicated.

I dumped two of the products with the same size to a file and diffed them.

# diff one.txt two.txt
< 019 
< NOUS42 KWNO 101740
> 659 
> NOUS42 KWNO 101732

Hmmmmmmmmmm.  Anybody else noticed this?  I have checked a colleagues LDM 
and he has the same duplicate products.  I also seem to think that other 
products are being duplicated as well, but I can't find evidence of it 
right now.  Maybe it is just something unique about KWNO  or I am 
imagining things.

Since AWIPS is probably generating the header, maybe there is a problem 
there this morning.  Anyway....