Re: LDM 5.1.4 - stops transfering from 1 site, while talking to others?

In a previous message to me, you wrote: 

 >7.2 is a very buggy release. 7.3 is all that 7.2 should have been.
 >I *highly* recommend the upgrade.


While I agree with Gilbert that an upgrade to 7.3 is a worthwhile
thing to do, I just want to warn everyone that GEMPAK DOES NOT
work right under a default 7.3 installation.

There was a change made to the XFree86-4.2 code that caused it to
use up all the available read-write colors in 8 bit pseudocolor
mode, no matter what (if any) window manager is used.

This has been fixed in the development version of XFree86 4.2.whatever
but there is no rpm available as of yet to remedy it. You would
need to grab the XFree86 source from their cvs server and recompile

There has been some discussion regarding this on the gembud mailing

Just a warning so you don't accidentally break GEMPAK usability.


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