LDM 5.1.4 - stops transfering from 1 site, while talking to others?

With LDM 5.1.4 on Redhat 7.2, we've seen instances where data stops flowing from 1 site, while still flowing from other sites.

For example, yesterday, syrah.atd.ucar.edu stopped getting our NEXRD2 feed from iita.rap.ucar.edu, even though the network was up and iita.rap.ucar.edu was still up. At the same time, syrah.atd.ucar.edu was still receiving S-Pol gridded radar data, via linus.atd.ucar.edu

The data feed resumed once we restarted ldm on syrah.

Clearly, we don't want to have to monitor whether our data is flowing and manually restart ldm if the data isn't arriving.

Has anyone else seen network error conditions that can only be resolved by restarting ldm?

Joe VanAndel    
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Internet: vanandel@xxxxxxxx