Redhat 7.3 running LDM

Hello all,

I blew it. I said I was going to upgrade to RedHat Linux 7.3 from 7.2
last Monday, but I decided that I would do it last Thursday night 
instead. I'd thought I would share with you what I have found since my 
last post, a week ago or so.

LDM has crashed once on weather.admin, but I believe that was due to a 
network glitch we had here. Either way, the LDM on weather2 and 
weather3 have been working flawlessly. No, I didn't recompile LDM or 
McIDAS under 7.3, and they both work.

As for Xconfigurator...we found the problems. One problem is that one of 
my machines has a unique and old monitor, but after just a little 
cajoling, I got it right where I wanted it to be. Weather.admin's monitor 
simply refused to go, however. As I found out, thanks with big help from 
David W. at was an extra XConfig file in my root directory that 
was no longer valid. It was reading that instead of the new one. Once the 
new XConfig file was created and read from in the X11 directory, it was fine.

Finally...I said Mozilla wasn't working at all on any of my 3 RH 7.3 
boxes. Redhat put out a monster patch for that yesterday, and now it 
works fine on all 3 machines. Oh yeah, they fixed a security hole on it, 

I have one glitch to go. Using Imagemagick's "convert" program to change 
TIFF files into Postscript files, it used to be that the resulting PS 
files were ~2 MB. Now they're 10 MB and choking my printer. There is a 
"-page" option where I have been using it at "-page 650x792". I wish I 
knew of a way to tell it I have a printer that uses 8.5X11; that would 
probably solve it. make a long story short...if you have Redhat 5.X, 6.X, 
or 7.(1-2), DO go to 7.3 and skip 7.2 if you can. Infinitely less 
problems than 7.2. 7.3 is what 7.2 should have been, which is probably 
why they didn't call it 8.0; 7.3 is a massive bugfix along with some neat 
stuff in the kernel to handle graphics better, I think. And it has been 
stable; the LDM has generally run fine, though for safety's sake I should 
recompile it under 7.3. I do have the bugfix kernel and all patches 
installed on there. The Mozilla bug annoyed me, but bottom line, I 
think your LDM will have a happy home under 7.3.

In conclusion, if you want a taste of hell, install and run 7.2. If you 
want a taste of heaven, eat a Krispy Kreme and then install 7.3!

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