Redhat 7.3 with LDM/upcoming downtime with NIU

Hey gang,

I just upgraded from Redhat 7.2 to Redhat 7.3. So 
far, no LDM problems. Here are some glitches that I have seen.

1. When firing up Mozilla, it attempts to convert your Netscape 4.7 
profile into Mozilla. But then Mozilla crashes when it tries to do this
(you have to go to the command window and hit CTRL-C to break out of it; 
it hangs). Netscape 4.79, which comes with Redhat 7.3, works fine.

2. Mailman software wipes out some Majordomo links. You'll have to erase 
mailman (rpm -e mailman), then reinstall majordomo (but you don't have to 
back up the lists or aliases file in /etc/aliases). Majordomo for Redhat 
is at , and works fine 
under RH 7.3 (personally tested and confirmed to be OK).

3. It assumes your machine has 4 GB of RAM, so the default kernel uses 
the "bigmem" configuration. This is murder on your hard drive upon first 
boot as it is swapping to disk frequently (gee, imagine that). Since I use 
LILO to boot my kernels, I simply adjusted it to use the one of 3 
installed that didn't have that option; I did a "lilo -v" after adjusting 
the lilo.conf file. Rebooted the machine, then it was fine. Kernel version 
with this release to begin with is 2.4.18-3. 

4. Most annoying: your XF86Config file no longer works. Using 
Xconfigurator didn't recognize all the possible resolutions at 24 bit the 
first time I did it; doing it the second time fixed it. But at least this 
version of Xconfigurator works (the unpatched version in 7.2 does not!).

Otherwise, it seems to be running fine, and it seems as though 7.3 is the 
big bugfix sorely needed after 7.2. I'll keep y'all posted if anything 
else is noted to be broken, but if you don't hear from me, everything else 
is working well. BTW, the machine used is a PII 450 MHZ machine, single 
processor. The dual processor ( gets upgraded 
tomorrow if I see no more hangups. And, if all goes well, Monday 
afternoon, I will do, which is where I've asked 
all my assigned users to use as primary. I'll send out an email Monday 
morning if it looks good to do this.

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